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Start your life by using the law of attraction, we will help you how to use the law of attraction effectively.


Law of Attraction



1- Getting clear: before you set your goal you should be able to clear your mind from all negative thoughts you have in your life.

2- Nevillize your goals: you should be able to create the life you want in your mind and imagine as if you already own that thing.

3- Gratitude: take a time in everyday to think of the things that you are thankful for.

4- Visualization and imagination: visualize your goals twice daily with a great energy.

5- Self-hypnosis: use right hypnosis audio to make clear and remove blocks from your mind.

6- Affirmations: use right affirmations along with visualization and imagination to boost the law of attraction.

7- Meditation: everyday find a calm place to meditate along with with Gratitude to remove negative thoughts about yourself


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Personal Development For You